Indoor Recess: Virtual Ad Competition

In response to the lost opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic caused, a brilliant set of individuals started Indoor Recess, an advertising competition that takes place completely online. The ask was simple. Twitch wants to promote their show Twitch Rivals through the streamers that participate in the show. But streamers were resistant to posting graphics on their their social media as they didn't see any personal benefit. Our job was to create a way for streamers to promote Twitch Rivals in a way that felt mutually beneficial.

Thus, Bathroom Time was born.

  • Art Director
  • Art Direction, Design, Production
  • July 2020
  • Indoor Recess
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The Insight: Streamers keep themselves relevant and their fans happy by streaming for 5+ hours at a time, but that doesn't mean their body stops acting like a human body. They've got to take breaks, whether it be to the bathroom or grab some gamer fuel. We wanted to capitalize that and provide content to the streamers to promote Twitch Rivals. Bathroom Time would come with 0:30, 2:00, and 5:00 minute-long segments that show highlights from past Twitch Rivals shows or highlights of rival streamers.

To stimulate the heavy fan culture at Twitch, we created Gamer Cards, a repeatable way to incentivize fans to attend Rivals shows. By attending and showing support to their favorite streamer, the fan will receive an exclusive Gamer Card that will commemorate the streamer's participation.

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